Human creativity is a catalyst for actualization of the human potential.

You create you. And everything you create is an extension of you.

When you make something new, that expression is a vehicle for you to understand the connection between mind, body and spirit. Creativity is prophecy and manifestation in real time.

Every creator has a different process. Each of us has our own style — but the intention of every creative process is the same: to translate an idea, feeling, vision or emotion from thought to material.

Creativity is best when you’re in flow — and flow requires focus and intention. Once you are able to see your ideas show up in the real world, the creative process becomes addictive.

Creativity has many faces.

In martial arts, the way you flow during training, the way you adapt techniques to fit your body and your attention to detail are all opportunities to utilize deeply creative energy. When you train the body and mind as one unit, new neural connections fire and wire together. This generates a mental map full of new pathways which quite literally creates a new “you” in real time through your training.

In fine art, music and digital art forms, your creative genius shows up in how you translate emotions, feelings and ideas into a vision that can be shared with others. Creativity means starting with a ball of clay, a can of paint, an empty portfolio or a blinking cursor and willing new life into existence. You don’t need to share your art publicly to benefit from the creative process. But every addition to your “body” of work is an addition to your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies, too.

That’s you, creating you.

Building a company is one of the most creatively challenging, interesting and rewarding experiences you can undertake. Even if you lose, you win, because rapid feedback gives you the opportunity to course correct in real time.

Starting a new business — whether you’re delivering a product or service — is hard enough by itself. The real challenge, however, is becoming the person you need to be in order to maintain and grow your creation. You can’t update your hardware without updating the software too.

Internal and external must evolve in tandem to have a synergistic effect. That’s why our motto at Alpha Mentorship is: “Improve the Leader. Improve the Business.”

When you demonstrate your creativity, learn an art form or build something new, you become a living metaphor for the Universal creative process because you prove yourself capable of wielding the power to create what you desire at will through focus and intention.

Everything comes from the Source.

And you are that Source, creating itself. Your life is a portal and a frequency for God recognizing itself through a rigorous training called everyday life.

You create you.

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