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What is Deja Vu?

Where do conversations go after they’ve already been had? Is there some sort of cosmic repository of conversation where every sound that’s ever been uttered has been recorded?

If parallel and alternate realities exist, then it makes sense that once you utter the words in one reality, they become imprinted in the universal narrative and live on forever, in concurrent, non-linear patterns.

Every word you’ve ever uttered is familiar to you. If you really think about it, nothing you say feels surprising. You know what you’re going to say because you’ve said it all before. You cannot put your finger on why you feel it, but you always have.

This is deja vu.

And because worlds are parallel and non-linear, you can also experience your future while in your present (imagination), or your past while in the future (memory).

There are no rules for time. And there is no end. It’s a continuous loop of events and coincidences.

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