The Master’s Oath: An Affirmation

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The following affirmation is something I created to encourage and empower myself.

I call it The Master’s Oath.

Feel free to steal the whole thing or pieces of it for your own affirmations:

With my mind, I can create any structure I desire. From my perception, I can alter the way I feel about any situation and therefore be encouraged by every person, place or thing I encounter.

I am ready and willing to receive.

From this day forth, I will not allow any physical, emotional or spiritual weakness to dominate my waking thoughts. I commit to absolute mastery of my inner domain. I am the narrator of my own story and therefore, master of my own emotions. There is nothing I cannot learn to handle or overcome.

My creativity is bubbling inside me. I am a prolific artist on the verge of a breakthrough. There is no end to the life force I can put into projects that are in alignment with my interests and skills. I am constantly developing my ability to do and become more.

I treat my relationships with others as an extension of the relationship I have with myself. Therefore, I start inside to learn compassion, respect and gratitude for who I am. From that very same understanding of myself, I treat others with love, patience, trust and respect. I am the caliber of human that I wish to see in the world.

My gratitude for all that I have and all that will be is what allows me to receive more. I am grateful from a place of certainty because I know that I’ve always been provided with exactly what I needed at the right place and time.

I know that there are always greater things in store for me than my imagination can conceive and this makes me feel like I’m in on one of life’s great secrets.

More of my philosophy on business and life can be read on my regularly irregular newsletter.

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