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We are fascinated by the mystery of life after death.

Imagine the inverse: a fetus in the womb, wondering if there’s death after birth.

Birth and death are transitions into new states of being. New states of consciousness. To the untrained eye, transition can look like extinction.

From its enclosed perspective, the fetus cannot see the mother, even though it is literally made of, and connected to, the very source of energy the nurtures it.

What are you connected to that you cannot see?

Humanity will continue to walk around in a daze, never realizing that we are made of the things we are searching for, and connected to all that we think we lack, just by virtue of being one-in-the-same.

There is no separation.

The cosmos continually gives birth to itself in the form of individual consciousnesses, and that collection of individual souls is connected by the oversoul of humanity, which is the karmic destiny of all mankind since creation.

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