The 188-Word Recipe For Getting Rich

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Making money has nothing to do with working hard.

The organizations who employ the majority of the population sold us the idea that making money is hard because they want us to work hard for them.

It has nothing to do with struggling or “paying your dues,” as if there is some arbitrary amount of work you have to do before you deserve to get paid well.

It’s much simpler than that.

Money is just energy behind an idea. That’s why it’s called currency.

For you to make money, all you have to do is find a product or service to offer that excites people. The industry itself doesn’t have to be exciting, but the way you deliver or present it should show that you really care. And that you’re having fun.

Your excitement will excite others.

The more energy you put in, the more other people will feel your strength and security in what you have to offer. Once you start to notice that people are noticing you, create ways for them to work with you and bill them.

Money is now on the way

Was that so hard?

Family, business, writing, jiu jitsu and psychedelics. Not always in that order. For cool people:

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