Here’s What To Do WhenYou’re Stuck In A Rut…

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Stuck in a rut? We’ve all been there before…

In the event that you get stuck in a loop of negative thoughts or can’t get out of a funk, here are 3 types of activities guaranteed to break you out:

1. Revitalizing activities: training the body and pushing the physical limits, exerting energy that’s stored inside to disrupt the blockage and rebalance the emotional stallions racing through your heart. Going further than you think you can, to prove to yourself that you are beyond fear, limitation or loss. Operating your vessel with the skill of an expert pilot.

2. Grounding activities: Meditation, breath work, spending time outside connecting to nature. Creative activities like journaling or painting that require you to produce something are great. These types of activities bring you back to center.

3. Spiritual activities: Prayer and worship. Plant medicine and sacred ceremony. Ancient people had connection to ritual rites of passage and initiation. Our culture has largely lost the ability to connect with life in this way. Get back there.

Try one, two or all three. Let me know which ones work for you and leave a comment if you have any additional suggestions.

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