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Throughout your journey, you will be given multiple opportunities to transform. Those opportunities will come in the form of whispers.

Most people think of the mind as the web of thoughts connected linearly. An even flow from idea to idea, varying in pace and intensity, but always traveling the same pathways from concept to creation.

But there is a quality of mind which exists between thoughts. Some call it intuition. Micro-realizations, instantaneous insights so momentary that we are more likely to ignore them than to acknowledge them.

Once planted, these seeds take root and their root systems dig deep into our subconscious, burying themselves in the soil of our mind, but not requiring the water of our conscious attention — so we forget they are there.

Latent desires, remembrances of past times and past lives. All of it.

And these thoughts-between-thoughts play constantly in the background of our conscious mind, as a subtle theme song for our daily adventures — causing us to make decisions that we do not always understand.

Sometimes, we are afraid of these thoughts because we don’t know their source. So we bury them further, deeper. Keep them away from the light and hide them so that we may perceive our inner truth as the monster, and the outer illusion of daily life as reality.

When will you realize that the voice knows what you need?

When will you listen?

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