A Plea to The Trapped Creator Inside You

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All of us have a duty to create great work and share it with the world.

That’s the price of being here on earth. If you’re not making anything new, you’re not paying your rent to live here. If an idea stays in your head, it did not happen.

You don’t get points for epiphanies.

At the end of your life, you won’t get “rollover minutes” for all the things you should have done. Whatever is up there in that head of yours must make it out into the world.

You must ship it. At all costs.

Publish the post. Write the book. Code the app. Test the new strategy. Try a new recipe. Create the blueprint. Write the email. Get the prototype made.

Just ship it.

What you ship or the level of quality of the product is less important than the fact that you ship something. The reality is that the majority people may go their entire adult lives without creating anything tangible (besides children) that they can point to and say, “I made that.”

The problem is that when we go for years or decades without flexing our creative muscles, they atrophy and on a subconscious level we stop believing that it’s even possible for us to create.

Every day of your life is an opportunity to create.

You can create change in yourself by building better habits. Those habits lead to new choices, which create new opportunities for you.

You can create change for others by pulling them up when they’re down and being a lighthouse for those in your community. You can create change in the world by leaving something behind that’s uniquely yours. By setting a standard.

But it starts with shipping. Whatever it is in your heart. It doesn’t really matter if you feel “ready,” or if you’re sure of yourself.

Just ship the damn thing.

See what happens.

Daniel DiPiazza is the bestselling author of Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business & Score the Life You Want and the founder of Alpha Mentorship where he directs Profit Paradigm: The Growth Engine For Digital Agencies.

PS — we worked with the entrepreneurs in our program to complete an exhaustive analysis of everything it takes to build an agency that generates $50k/month. Then we streamlined all that info and made it into a 1-page diagram. Want to see? Grab it here.

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