We are fascinated by the mystery of life after death.

Imagine the inverse: a fetus in the womb, wondering if there’s death after birth.

Birth and death are transitions into new states of being. New states of consciousness. To the untrained eye, transition can look like extinction.

From its enclosed perspective, the fetus cannot see the mother, even though it is literally made of, and connected to, the very source of energy the nurtures it.

What are you connected to that you cannot see?

Humanity will continue to walk around in a daze, never realizing that we are made of…

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What is Deja Vu?

Where do conversations go after they’ve already been had? Is there some sort of cosmic repository of conversation where every sound that’s ever been uttered has been recorded?

If parallel and alternate realities exist, then it makes sense that once you utter the words in one reality, they become imprinted in the universal narrative and live on forever, in concurrent, non-linear patterns.

Every word you’ve ever uttered is familiar to you. If you really think about it, nothing you say feels surprising. You know what you’re going to say because you’ve said it all before. …

The stories you tell yourself about money originate with the stories your parents told you about money.

Your beliefs about money may not be the result of things explicitly said as much as implied through the behavior and actions of the adults in your family.

As an example, below are 10 Toxic Money Beliefs that I inherited from my family.

There isn’t any blame in this list. In most cases, these were inherited beliefs that came pre-installed on a cultural level and were based on a limited understanding of all the variables at play.

My goal has been to change…

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Life comes in phases — each one requiring a more skillful level of navigation than the last.

During a life phase, you’ll have opportunities to improve, correct or reframe what you’re doing in order to get better results.

You both are Michelangelo and David. That’s the beauty of being here.

Opportunities will come in the way of career and business success. The constant drive for professional success is probably why you’re reading this email.

There will also be many chances to level up your relationships, your health, your mind and perhaps even your entire identity over the years.

The easiest…

One of the most important decisions you can make to improve your life and drastically increase your career potential is to begin working on a what I call a “Big Project.”

Your Big Project will be something that forces you develop new skills and intentionally pushes you to the limits of your comfort zone.

You want to focus on projects or ideas that are challenging enough to stretch you and occasionally frustrate you, but still allow you to get in a few wins along the way so that you don’t get too discouraged.

This is the type of pursuit that…

At crossroads, you have two options: give up or keep trying.

It’s a really tough decision.

But let me ask you this: you know the result of option #1, don’t you?

If you give up, life will go back to “normal.” You’ll return to status quo. Nothing will change and you’ll have put in a lot of effort for something that in the end, yielded little to no results.

But what about option #2?

What if you just pushed through that uncomfortable phase? You don’t even know what you’re capable of, because you’ve never been to the other side. …

Stuck in a rut? We’ve all been there before…

In the event that you get stuck in a loop of negative thoughts or can’t get out of a funk, here are 3 types of activities guaranteed to break you out:

1. Revitalizing activities: training the body and pushing the physical limits, exerting energy that’s stored inside to disrupt the blockage and rebalance the emotional stallions racing through your heart. Going further than you think you can, to prove to yourself that you are beyond fear, limitation or loss. Operating your vessel with the skill of an expert pilot.

2. Grounding…

Throughout your journey, you will be given multiple opportunities to transform. Those opportunities will come in the form of whispers.

Most people think of the mind as the web of thoughts connected linearly. An even flow from idea to idea, varying in pace and intensity, but always traveling the same pathways from concept to creation.

But there is a quality of mind which exists between thoughts. Some call it intuition. Micro-realizations, instantaneous insights so momentary that we are more likely to ignore them than to acknowledge them.

Once planted, these seeds take root and their root systems dig deep into…

The following affirmation is something I created to encourage and empower myself.

I call it The Master’s Oath.

Feel free to steal the whole thing or pieces of it for your own affirmations:

With my mind, I can create any structure I desire. From my perception, I can alter the way I feel about any situation and therefore be encouraged by every person, place or thing I encounter.

I am ready and willing to receive.

From this day forth, I will not allow any physical, emotional or spiritual weakness to dominate my waking thoughts. I commit to absolute mastery of…

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​How much longer are you going to blame your parents?

Nobody has perfect parents. Many parents are abusive to their children emotionally, physically and many other ways. Abuse can be healed with time, but often leaves an indelible imprint which cannot be washed away. This is not acceptable. I am not condoning it.

And yet, I believe that parents who pass on trauma to their children are themselves processing trauma. Hurt people hurt people.

In that way, they are doing the best they can, even if they are doing a horrible job. …

Daniel DiPiazza

Family, business, writing, jiu jitsu and psychedelics. Not always in that order. For cool people: www.alphamentorship.com/signup

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